Overwatch 5


Overwatch 5 Long Range and Long Endurance UAS
Overwatch 5 the new revolutionary UAS from KD Aero, shatters the capabilities of existing commercial UAVs.
  • 5 hours of flight
  • >70km range
  • Launch and Land from ship or shore
  • IR and Collision Avoidance
  • Sensors
    1080P 30X Zoom EO Camera with
  • 640x480 LWIR (simultaneously transmit)
  • EPIRB Search and Rescue Sensor
  • ADS-B Sense and Collision Avoidance
  • Long Range MIMO Payload, Telemetry and Control Transceiver can Mesh with other Transceivers for BLOS relay and MANET
  • About Us
    KD-AERO has been in the UAS business for more than 5 years designing and marketing UAS for the government and professional marketplace.
    Our customers in the defense and security sectors are supplied with advanced Intelligence gathering , Coastal Surveillance, and Search and Rescue Systems with long range and endurance.
    Our UAS will be built to your custom mission specific requirements, on time.
    Contact us for more information and the location of a dealer who will service your needs.

    Overwatch 5

    Additional Information

    System Overview
    Overwatch 5 is a Quadcopter UAS system. Overwatch 5 is uniquely different to all other Rotary UAS: 1080p video transmitted in real time to GCS and any device on Mesh Private Network -laptop, iOS or Android device. Multiple Overwatch 5 UAS can form a Mesh for extended operations The GCS can also be integrated into the Mutualink Interoperability Platform providing the capability to share the Voice and Video across the country or across the world.
    Communications System
    The KD Aero GPS enabled, IP based Ground Terminal (GDT) and Air Data Terminal (ADT) Transceivers form a MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Network) Meshed Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) system which, automatically and seamlessly connects all authorized nodes into a complete self-healing, self-managing MILSTD-810G (IP-68 waterproof) network. The ADT and GDT form a Layer 3 IP Network and they can be connected to any IP enabled iOS, Android tablet or phone; PC, Mac or Linux computer; Satcom; Ethernet proprietary or public network and other devices. Additionally, the GDT and ADT can integrate and share any Serial Data or GPS information. The System can provide Blue Force and Red Force Tracking. The ADT and GDT support up to 64 simultaneous optionally encrypted PTT channels. The MANET network can be optionally encrypted using AES 128 or AES256. Additionally, as an extra service our Cryptographic experts can implement country specific cryptography. The Multiple waveforms utilized in the ADT and GDT provide the ability to work in extreme Non- Line- of -Sight (NLOS) environments like buildings, urban areas and tunnels. The network supports up to 200 nodes and has a data throughput of up to 100Mps.

    The KD Aero Air and Ground Data Terminals are currently used by several Armed Forces, Government agencies and Private sector entities worldwide.
    Jungle and Forest Operations
    Overwatch 5 can be used as a reconnaissance tool to inspect an area of interest before operations begin. By flying covertly at up to 2000m and utilizing the IR capability Overwatch 5 can identify, targets and compromised areas in advance. Soldiers in jungle and forested areas using Ground Data Terminals can operate the KD Aero Overwatch 5 as a relay to Ex-fil the Data from the area of interest over the horizon to Command Centres.
    Urban Operations
    Overwatch 5 is a compact portable system that can go from Box to Operations in less than 10 minutes. Police or Tactical units can deploy the system rapidly in response to situations. Overwatch 5 can provide more than 4 hour loitering time over area of interest from more than 20Km away. Video and Tracking information can be relayed to Ground and/or Air based units. Optional Collision Avoidance system can enable the UAS to fly in Urban Canyons Overwatch 5 can be used as to preclear routes for VIP Convoys. Optional RF Jammers can be deployed in the system to protect predefined routes.
    Marine Operations
    The Overwatch 5 can be launched and landed from ships using our Patent Pending Marine Landing System. It provides extended operation window, flying for up to 5 hours it can provide Ship Tracking and Identification, or to track and provide GPS co-ordinates for suspect Contraband, Illegal Fishing or Human Trafficking vessels 24 hours a day.

    Video Library

    1080P Camera
    1080P Camera
    EO Camera.
    Overwatch 6 Mission
    Overwatch 6 Mission
    Overwatch 6 Hybrid Multicopter long Endurance Tactical UAS.
    Zoom Camera from Sony
    Zoom Camera from Sony
    Sony Mega Zoom Camera.

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