Specifications of Overwatch 5 KD AERO
Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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Custom Technology for Professional Users

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KD-Aero prides itself in designing and integrating custom sensors depending on the customers requirements.

We can install:
  • ADS-B Receivers
  • Different Communications Systems with Advanced features including SDR
  • EIRPB - Search and Rescue Emergency Locator Receivers
  • AIS Receivers
  • Mapping LiDAR
  • EO Cameras
  • IR Cameras
  • EOIR Gimbals
  • High Resolution Still and Video Cameras
  • Airborne Radar for Detecting other Drones
  • Sigint detection systems
  • Radio Relays
  • Laser Illuminators
  • Laser Rangefinders
  • Search Lights
  • Position Lighting
  • Auto Tracking on board
  • Speakers
  • and more ....